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I had to make a post about a topic very dear to my heart: Fucking retarded parents.

Daniel Radcliffe, of Harry Potter fame, is starring in Equus, a controversial play about a young man who blinds six horses and has a very fucked up family life. That's putting it mildly. There is nudity WRITTEN into the script, it is an important part of exploring the vulnerability and emerging sexuality of the character. The theatre putting on Equus did beautiful promo shots for the play featuring Daniel semi-nude (from the waist up) with a gorgeous white horse. They are tasteful, sexy and would make anyone want to see the show. Which means, those promo shots are doing their job and so is Daniel.

I'm sure no one is surprised, that parents are in an uproar! GASP. A seventeen year old boy maybe just might have a teeny bit of sexual appeal? Why are we so fucking paranoid about a shirtless teenage boy? It's nothing you wouldn't see at the beach. If Harry Potter went to the beach, would parents suddenly cover their kids' eyes and say: Sorry, but nipples on a seventeen year old are OFF LIMITS. WTF, people? Get it together. Daniel is an actor, don't boycott Harry Potter movies because he has the balls to take on a challenging role. Don't punish a young actor for actually showing versatility and proving that there is life after child stardom. Are you going to let your little kids go see Equus? No! So why would you give a shit about the ACTOR who PORTRAYS Harry Potter participating in a play that your children will never see, probably never even read about and certainly never understand?!

It makes me furious that people can be so self-righteous and ignorant and get away with it. Wake up. Sex exists, let me tell you right now: Dan Radcliffe is probably not a virgin. Will you punish him for being a sexual adult simply because he acts in a movie that children watch? Is he naked in Harry Potter? Do you think Maggie Smith is a virgin? Ralph Fiennes was naked all day and all night in The English Patient, does that mean he's unfit to play Voldemort? Does this have ANYTHING to do with Harry Potter?

Why do parents feel the need to take on these bullshit causes? I know the answer: They feel fucking useless otherwise. Their kids know more about their televisions and computers than they do, their kids are developing their sexual urges earlier and in the open, their kids frighten them and they think that somehow, SOMEHOW, protecting them from Dan Radcliffe's nipples will protect them from the evil in this world. Fat, fucking chance, parents. Good luck, I salute you for being so stuck in the clouds that you think you can honestly keep your children from all the sex, violence and misery in this world. Why don't you check what they're Googling instead of picking on a talented young actor who's just doing his job?

To all the self-righteous, ridiculous, sex-mongering parents of the world: Fuck. You.
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What if everyone posted some music, movie and book suggestions? I've been downloading a lot of new stuff lately and I think it'd be nice if we all posted some songs that have been in heavy rotation lately. It could be new stuff you've found or old things you're just remember now, anything works. I think sometimes what you're listening to, watching and reading can give a lot of insight into your current attitude. I love finding new music, sometimes I download the songs I see you guys are listening to when you post and that's always fun. I've been hitting the gym more lately, so some of my songs are good for running, etc...

So here are my suggestions, download and enjoy!

Corinne Bailey Rae - "Put Your Records On"
Clotaire K - "Beyrouth Ecoeuree"
Nikka Costa - "Everybody Got Their Something"
Nine Inch Nails - "Just Like You Imagined"
Malajube - "Montreal -40c"
Vienna Teng - "Harbor"
Lhasa de Sela - "Con Toda Palabra"
FC Kahuna - "Hayling"
Clint Mansell - "Xibalba"
The Rapture - "Pieces of the People We Love"
Regina Spektor - "Fidelity"
Amy Winehouse - "Tears Dry On Their Own"
John Mayer - "Waiting On the World to Change"
Scissor Sisters - "Paul McCartney"
Scissor Sisters - "I Can't Decide"
Imogen Heap - "Hide and Seek"
Goldfrapp - "Strict Machine"

The Fountain (this movie made me die with happiness)
Match Point
The Prestige
2046 (worth seeing for the imagery/idea)
Born Into Brothels

Frank Miller - 300
Sharon Olds - The Unswept Room
Anne Lamott - bird by bird
Alan Moore - League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Leonard Shlain - The Alphabet Versus The Goddess
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Scissor Sisters - "Paul McCartney"
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Tomorrow Lau and I are taking off for MN to spend the holidays with my family. My stress level has fallen dramatically - now that my application for the University is in and my screenplay is moving along I feel pretty good. I'm excited for Christmas, hopefully we'll get some snow to play with. I need to start updating this more, maybe I'll be able to come up with something clever to talk about eventually. Until then, Merry Christmas, here's a little present - from me to you:


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Malajube - "Montreal -40c"
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Love, love, strength and love.

I'm going to do one of those things I hate, which is post the lyrics to a song:

Love of mine some day you will die
But I'll be close behind
I'll follow you into the dark

No blinding light or tunnels to gates of white
Just our hands clasped so tight
Waiting for the hint of a spark
If heaven and hell decide
That they both are satisfied
Illuminate the NOs on their vacancy signs

If there's no one beside you
When your soul embarks
Then I'll follow you into the dark

So yeah, not the most original or riveting thing to do in an lj, but it felt appropriate.

I have to say, life would be so much easier if I had a big bucket of never-ending money. Money is such a pain in the ass, when I have it I spend it like mad and when I don't, I crave it so that I can spend it like mad. I don't have a cent to spend on my brothers' birthdays and I need a job, well, now. Handing out resumes and applying and whatever makes me feel better, but I just want to start making money so I can stop worrying about it. It's frustrating. Everything else is going so swimmingly right now that having a hitch as stupid as money makes me grumpy.

One of the ways I know that moving here semi-permanently was the right thing to do: I feel like a better person.

As fundamental and potentially idiotic as this sounds, I actually have to take care of myself now. And, in a way, I have to take care of someone else...moreso we take care of each other. There's a beautiful equality about our relationship, although right now I feel like a dirty bum for not having a job yet. >.< Other than that, it's an even exchange of love and affection, just the way it should be. And I feel more comfortable around his family now, having dinner last night with his dad and brother was really fun. I can see the similarities between his brother and mine, it's funny. I got to try wild boar for the first time, which was a trip. Tonight we're going out again with his family to see a friend of theirs from Italy that's in town.

I've got some story and play ideas, need to move forward with those...this is the time to just let my mind and creativity run wild. Hugs to everyone in lj land...
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Death Cab For Cutie - "I Will Follow You Into the Dark"
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I should probably apologize for the amazing display of retardation in my last entry. I'd delete it, but instead I'm keeping it as a monument to stupidity; hopefully it will stop me the next time I feel the desire to update my lj while totally pissed. Anyway...

All those in favor of never attending Geology again say "I"

*raises her hand* ...I? *stomps and spits on geology*

If you have the chance, read the novel by Ford Madox Ford called The Good Soldier. Read it critically and closely. It's brilliant. I love novels that on the surface are one thing and when read closely are something else entirely. Ford is a genius, his techniques are so subtle that you hardly notice what he's doing to you until the whole picture comes into focus.

I'm currently downloading the Possession soundtrack; I've always loved the music from the movie, and now that my internet is working perfectly I have the opportunity to get it...

Rehearsal today was okay, I felt a bit out of it, wasn't putting 100% of myself into it. I need to be careful, I'm starting to feel too complacent with some of the scenes, I need to keep finding the freshness, the newness that is essential for my character to be effective. I'm terrified of not being good enough. This is my big chance to prove to my director, the department, my peers and the school that I can take a lead role and make something memorable of it. I know I have it in me, I know I do, but it will take a lot of sacrifice--sacrifices of pride, time, feeling and mental energy. It's hard to give yourself over to something that you know might be painful...in the end it will pay off and form something beautiful, but the initial outpouring of heart is what's difficult. Maybe this doesn't make any sense. I might be making too much of this; I just want to succeed.

Had amazing Chinese food with Jimmy tonight and watched Josie and the Pussycats. It was a nice beginning to the evening, now I need to do my homework and make sure I get enough sleep tonight. Much love to everyone...
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