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I had to make a post about a topic very dear to my heart: Fucking retarded parents.

Daniel Radcliffe, of Harry Potter fame, is starring in Equus, a controversial play about a young man who blinds six horses and has a very fucked up family life. That's putting it mildly. There is nudity WRITTEN into the script, it is an important part of exploring the vulnerability and emerging sexuality of the character. The theatre putting on Equus did beautiful promo shots for the play featuring Daniel semi-nude (from the waist up) with a gorgeous white horse. They are tasteful, sexy and would make anyone want to see the show. Which means, those promo shots are doing their job and so is Daniel.

I'm sure no one is surprised, that parents are in an uproar! GASP. A seventeen year old boy maybe just might have a teeny bit of sexual appeal? Why are we so fucking paranoid about a shirtless teenage boy? It's nothing you wouldn't see at the beach. If Harry Potter went to the beach, would parents suddenly cover their kids' eyes and say: Sorry, but nipples on a seventeen year old are OFF LIMITS. WTF, people? Get it together. Daniel is an actor, don't boycott Harry Potter movies because he has the balls to take on a challenging role. Don't punish a young actor for actually showing versatility and proving that there is life after child stardom. Are you going to let your little kids go see Equus? No! So why would you give a shit about the ACTOR who PORTRAYS Harry Potter participating in a play that your children will never see, probably never even read about and certainly never understand?!

It makes me furious that people can be so self-righteous and ignorant and get away with it. Wake up. Sex exists, let me tell you right now: Dan Radcliffe is probably not a virgin. Will you punish him for being a sexual adult simply because he acts in a movie that children watch? Is he naked in Harry Potter? Do you think Maggie Smith is a virgin? Ralph Fiennes was naked all day and all night in The English Patient, does that mean he's unfit to play Voldemort? Does this have ANYTHING to do with Harry Potter?

Why do parents feel the need to take on these bullshit causes? I know the answer: They feel fucking useless otherwise. Their kids know more about their televisions and computers than they do, their kids are developing their sexual urges earlier and in the open, their kids frighten them and they think that somehow, SOMEHOW, protecting them from Dan Radcliffe's nipples will protect them from the evil in this world. Fat, fucking chance, parents. Good luck, I salute you for being so stuck in the clouds that you think you can honestly keep your children from all the sex, violence and misery in this world. Why don't you check what they're Googling instead of picking on a talented young actor who's just doing his job?

To all the self-righteous, ridiculous, sex-mongering parents of the world: Fuck. You.
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On January 31st, 2007 09:52 am (UTC), alma_acordada commented:
I hadn't heard about that. His parents are notoriously protective of him. They wouldn't even let the HP creators film in Prague because it meant him having to leave the UK. I plan on seeing this play and I want nudity damnit! I have waited long enough for Radcliffe to turn 18 and no one is gonna spoil it for me!
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